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World Latitude and Longitude Activity

Using the world longitude and latitude map printout, answer the following questions and mark the locations.

1. Draw a red line along the equator (0 degrees latitude).

2. Draw a purple line along the Prime Meridian (0 degrees longitude).

3. In which ocean is the location 10 degrees S latitude, 75 degrees E longitude located? Mark it on the map with a blue "X" and write the name of the ocean.

4. In which ocean is the location 30 degrees N latitude, 60 degrees W longitude located? Mark it on the map with a blue "Y" and write the name of the ocean.

5. Mark the following cities on the map in red:

B. Beijing: 40°N, 116°E
C. Cairo: 30°N, 31°E
CT. Cape Town: 34°S, 18°E
H. Hong Kong: 22°N, 114°E
J. Jakarta: 6°S, 106°E
LA. Los Angeles: 34°N, 118°W
LI. Lima: 12°S, 77°W
LO. London: 51°N, 0°W
MC. Mexico City: 19°N, 99°W
MO. Moscow: 55°N, 37°E
MU. Mumbai: 19°N, 72°E
NA. Nairobi: 1°S, 37°E
NO. New Orleans: 30°N, 90°W
NY. New York: 40°N, 74°W
R, Rio de Janeiro: 23°S, 43°W
SE. Seattle: 47°N, 122°W
SY. Sydney: 34°S, 151°E
TK. Tokyo: 35°N, 139°E
T. Toronto: 43°N, 79°W

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